About us


Greenfield is an independent investment company made up of former and current entrepreneurs. Our aim is to create value by actively supporting Dutch and Belgian firms in achieving their growth objectives. Norms and values are central at Greenfield. This is manifest in our integrity and transparent approach to investing

Greenfield's added value

High growth potentials

turnover € 2,0 - € 10,0 million

Mid/later stage

turnover € 10,0 - € 100,0 million

Technology expertise
  • Strategic alignment of technology, product and market
  • Intellectual property (IP) and entry barriers
  • Expansion of strategic position
  • Alternative markets and revenue models
  • Alternative products within existing sales channel
Operational excellence
  • Internal processes proportionate to company status
  • Culture of continual optimization
  • Professionalism of internal processes
  • Change processes
  • Culture of continual optimization
International expansion
  • Poised for international expansion
  • International roll-out of product or service
  • Deployment of Greenfield network
Buy, build & hold
  • Company acquisitions to obtain IP and know-how
  • Company acquisitions to strengthen market position
  • Company acquisitions to obtain international position

The Greenfield team

Stef, Job and Emiel form a close-knit investment team. Each of them has all of the essential skills that an investment professional needs, while as a team they complement each other in style and perspective.

  • Stef van Doesburg
    Managing Partner

    Stef joined Greenfield as Corporate Finance Director in 1998 and has been a Partner since 2007. In…

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  • Emiel Birza
    Investment Manager

    Emiel is Investment Manager on the Greenfield team. Previously, he worked at BDO Corporate Finance in Utrecht…

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Today’s Greenfield has its roots in the mid-1970s when John Fentener from Vlissingen set up the Noro Group of Companies investment holding. This investment holding set up ‘closed-end’ venture capital funds based on the Anglo-Saxon model, with investments in Europe and North America.


In 1995, Greenfield Capital Partners separated from the Noro group in a Management Buyout. As an autonomous company, Greenfield Capital Partners began focusing on private equity. Since 1995, Greenfield has successfully managed six closed-end private equity funds and invested in roughly 50 companies. In 2016 Greenfield changed its business model to an ‘open-end’ structure in the form of an investment corporation, an ‘Evergreen’ which has no term restrictions and targets technology, B2B and industrial businesses.

The investment corporation has a limited number of stakeholders who have committed themselves to our investment philosophy for an indefinite period.


We have no openings at the moment, but we are always interested in meeting talented people.